For years we made fun of the Left and their shaky-fisted threats and pretty glitter bombs, but what we’ve learned is that while most of them are harmless (just really annoying) some take their progressive rhetoric too far.

As we witnessed in Alexandria, VA. last month.

Apparently though Michael Moore doesn’t seem to get it …

The Snakes of the Senate … between this tweet and Debra Messing calling Mitch McConnell the Devil we are starting to see a creepy pattern on the Left. Yikes.

Dude. Stop this. Senate Republicans don’t despise anyone.

It’s almost like he’s trying to incite violence, yes?

How the Hell do you storm anyone or anything nonviolently? Michael, you know better.

This is OUR country, you yahoo. All of ours, including those evil Senate Republicans. You are not being attacked, STOP PUSHING HATE AND VIOLENCE.

This nonsense made Sean Hannity’s radar:

But even when he was called out for this being dangerous, he mocked Hannity instead of understanding why he was concerned.



‘He’s the DEVIL’! Debra Messing’s pearl-clutch-tweet about Mitch McConnell is a DOOZY