Yes, please. Make it stop. For the love of everything ever, make it stop.

This morning, fresh off his Papa John’s attack, DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse linked Kathleen Parker’s absurd column warning Sen. John McCain and other Susan Rice critics against “ganging up on a highly qualified black woman.” Parker sneered, “McCain’s opinion about Rice’s qualifications is only slightly less compelling than his thoughts on Playtex vs. Spanx.”

Enter Bill Maher-loving Obama Super PAC shill Bill Burton, who totally gets the ladies and their glorified girdles.

But wait … unfortunately there’s more. DNC chair and Obama-fave Debbie Wasserman Schultz just had to get in on the Spanx kaffeeklatsch with a little lady parts peddling.

Thank goodness the DNC chair has laser-like focus on the important issues … like Spanx trivia.

There’s no hour of the day that’s not too early for this.