Now that Dems are losing elections, they’re waking up to the fact that schools need to get back to normal. From Michelle Goldberg in the New York Times:

Got that? It’s not important for the kids that they be back in school. It’s not important for *Dems* that the kids be back in school:

In other words, they’re embracing the Florida model. A little late, but that’s exactly what they’re doing:

Anyway, welcome to the party, Michelle, but this was awful a year ago:

Even Randi Weingarten is ready to cave on masks, which is good seeing she crapped on Puerto Rico’s indoor mask mandate over the weekend:

Again, she’s way late to all of this:

But it’s not just electoral victories Dems are concerned with. Public schools are also losing money thanks to parents pulling students out of the system:

And they’re worried that school-choice bills will become more popular around the country:

Yes, we’ll take it:

But it never should’ve gotten to this point.