As Covid cases have begun to increase in areas outside of the South, people have also begun to notice that states with higher vaccination levels than California are having higher case counts than the Golden State:

. . .and the reason for that — AS TWITCHY READERS ALREADY KNOW — is because California’s really bad winter in 2020 created a “relatively significant amount of natural immunity”:

Here are California’s numbers via the NYT that show the 2020 winter spike:

Yet they’re still pushing mandates for all and not counting a prior infection as proof that someone is safe from the virus:

And all of this was predicted, too, as these states enter fall and winter and folks start moving indoors:

And a similar pattern to what happened in California in 2020 just happened in Florida. Yes, the vaccination rate played a role but the other driver of cases was a large pool of people with no prior immunity. And it’s why this spike won’t be repeated next summer just like it’s not repeating in California right now: