Meanwhile, in Nevada, the entire staff of the Nevada Democratic Party quit after democratic socialists took over the party:

The staff took severance pay on the way out the door, too:

And before getting trounced, the party sent $450,000 to the DSCC who will reportedly use the money for the reelection of Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto:

Harry Reid is widely credited for building the Dem machine in the state:

And there’s still bad blood from 2016:

As for what this means going forward, it doesn’t appear to be good news for Dems:

From Jon Ralston:

Imagine a mirror image of the GOP in 2012 and you will understand what is about to happen after this weekend’s elevation of Judith Whitmer to state chair a year after Bernie Sanders took over the state Democratic Party by decisively winning the presidential caucus here. The forces that erected one of the most formidable political machines in the country are, in concert with national Democrats, withdrawing money and staff and plan to set up an outside entity to do what The Reid Machine has done best: Launder outside money, register voters and, yes, win elections.

Ralston also called this a “Pyrrhic victory” unless socialists can find a Sugar Bernie:

Activist Jen Perelman said this means Dems “would rather lose to the GOP than win with progressives”:

And she point Florida on notice that they’re next:

Good luck with that.



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