Earlier we told you how the totally impartial fact-checkers jumped to President Biden’s defense to declare his false statement on vaccines a “gaffe.” Well, what do they have to say about this gibberish on China and the genocide of the Uighurs?

Have a watch:

CNN’s Chris Cillizza called it “rambling,” and that’s generous:

6. A rambling man: Biden spent decades in the Senate prior to being chosen by former President Barack Obama to serve as vice president. And it showed on Tuesday night, as Biden gave long and winding answers to a number of the questions posed — especially when it came to race and policing as well as how his administration would set policy in regard to China. In some cases he delved deep into policy, in other cases his answers were harder to follow. While Biden repeatedly apologized for going on too long in his answers, it never really stopped him from going on (and on).

Will Kessler and Dale jump in and tell us what he *really* meant because it’s not very clear:

Really. WTF was he getting at?

This really does need to be cleared up:

The whole segment doesn’t do the president any favors:

One wonders what he might do: