Don’t look now, but it appears that China is getting pretty good at controlling the weather:

This may sound like a good thing but China’s neighbors are worried about what effect this would have on their climate:

China has been developing these technologies for years:

But now these programs are expanding:

And there are concerns that these technologies can be used militarily:

Some history on controlling the weather:

The U.S. military reportedly used these same procedures during the Vietnam War:

There is a treaty to regulate this kind of thing:

But China is, well, China:

The technology itself is relatively inexpensive:

Remember the Beijing Olympics?

The program has expanded since then:

What could go wrong?

If you take the rain away or add it from one area, what happens to China’s neighbors? This is a legit worry:

Tensions are already high:

Maybe the reason “it looks like a weapon” is because it IS a weapon?


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