Two police officers and a passer-by were killed this morning in Liege, Belgium by a gunman reportedly shouting, “Allahu Akbar”:

According to reports, the gunman also took a hostage before being killed by police:

According to these early reports, it doesn’t sound like the third person killed was the hostage. From CBS News:

Two police officers and one other person were killed during a shootout with an armed assailant in the Belgian city of Liege on Tuesday, according to reports. The assailant was believed to have fled the scene and taken a woman hostage at a nearby school as more law enforcement rushed to attend the incident.

Prosecutors said that the gunman had been killed, but that two officers and one other person had lost their lives. In a statement on Facebook, local police said that the third death was a passenger in a passing vehicle, and that two other officers were injured.

And you can hear gunshots on this video from an eyewitness, translated as “Shots fired in Liège, evacuation of the Avroy Boulevard. Many police cars on site + rescue #Avroy #Liege #gunshot”:

We’ll keep you posted.

Update. The attacker somehow disarmed the cops and killed them with their own weapons:

And authorities are saying it could be a terror attack:


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