Univision’s Jorge Ramos sat down with Tucker Carlson last night and let’s just say it did not disappoint.

First up, check out Tucker’s face as Ramos attempts to claim that Mexico is actually helping keep illegal immigrants out of the United States:

As we told you earlier today, what’s really happening is that Mexico is giving the immigrant caravan a pass which will allow many of the marchers to continue with their original plan of crossing into America illegally, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Ramos went on to call the idea of a border wall and President Trump’s plan to send the military to the border a “monumental waste of time and resources”:

But perhaps the worst was this clip of Ramos claiming that Trump wanted to “make America white again”:

Transcript via Mediaite:

“But when we have a president, like President Trump, who has made racist statements, who clearly wants to make America white again,” Ramos added.

“Oh come on!” Carlson fired back.

“When he said that he wants to bring immigrants from Norway, and not from Haiti and from Africa, don’t you think that’s a racist statement?” Ramos asked. “From the White House!”

“Literally something like 85 percent of our immigrants are nonwhite,” Carlson replied. “It’s not a question of white or nonwhite. It’s a question of whether Mexico gets to use the United States as its welfare system.”

“Let’s drop the moral cudgel of race so we can have a rational adult conversation about this rather than muddying it with this college student nonsense about identity politics,” Carlson concluded.



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