The New York Times has published a Hunter Biden story that would have gotten your social media accounts locked or suspended if you had tried to promote it before the 2020 election. Now that it’s “safe” to report, the media and Big Tech are hoping nobody remembers what happened and certainly aren’t in any rush to offer apologies.

Stephen L. Miller is among those waiting for somebody — anybody — to be held accountable for suppressing & censoring the story to limit the political damage to a certain Democrat presidential candidate:

No follow-up so far, not that we’re surprised.

These people are just going to try and move on as if nothing ever happened. And yes, Facebook’s communications director once worked for Barbara Boxer and other Democrat outfits, so you can be sure everything was fairly monitored (cue massive eye roll).

The media are covered in more “journalism” glory than ever!

Also, reporters shouldn’t be allowed to get away with the “hey, look at our new scoop” approach:

Rest assured some of the same “journalists” who helped bury the Hunter Biden story in 2020 and dismiss it as “disinformation” will now be expecting Pulitzers for finally reporting it two years later. The media & Dem talk of “election meddling” was 100 percent pure projection.

As it turns out, the “misinformation” call was coming from inside the house.



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