While campaigning in California yesterday, GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder had an egg thrown at him by a white woman wearing a gorilla mask:

Keeping in mind that the media have been largely ignoring the story (or at least failing to take the angle they definitely would if the person who had an egg thrown at them by a white person in a gorilla mask), this is the Washington Post’s latest Elder-related fact-check:

There’s a fact-check elephant in the room that’s clearly being ignored.

That isn’t really the fact-check that people want to see.

And an accompanying fact-check on allegations that the mainstream media are largely ignoring the story.

Before the above, this was the last WaPo fact-check that mentioned Elder:

The Newsom campaign and Democrats will appreciate the Post’s selective fact-checking.

Yes, can we also get a fact-check on if media narrative contributed to the atmosphere that allowed this incident to happen? NOT likely.