President Trump and his coronavirus team continue to monitor and manage the response to the outbreak at a federal level, but CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter, citing an anonymous source (naturally), seems sorely troubled:

Notice how that’s framed to make Trump following exactly how responses are supposed to happen sound as devious as possible because “journalism” or something.

Mother Jones’ David Corn and Daily Beast editor-at-large Molly Jong-Fast were equally appalled by the president’s lack of authoritarianism:

So the people who have been warning that Trump’s a wannabe dictator for four years are now ticked off that he’s not living up to their false portrayals? How special.

Does the Resistance media realize what a joke they’ve become? (File that under “R” for “Rhetorical questions”)

And in some circles Stelter is considered a “journalist” — let that sink in as well.

There is absolutely no doubt about that.

“Sources say” equals “claim to be taken with a grain of salt.”

“Journalism” takes another holiday at CNN.



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