As you probably heard, the magazine “Christianity Today” published an editorial in which support was expressed for President Trump’s removal from office:

The Post called the magazine “influential,” but later published a story with a tone that seemed to be somewhat disappointed that, at one church, that didn’t seem to be the case:

Go figure:

Three days before Christmas, hundreds of people filled the pews at Elmbrook Church, one of the largest evangelical Christian campuses in suburban Milwaukee. Some brought gifts for friends in tow. Onstage, LOVE, PEACE, HOPE and JOY were spelled out in life-size neon-blue letters.

For 20 minutes, the choir led the audience in Christmas carols. Outside the chapel, children ran circles around the church’s brightly lit trees. Lead pastor Lee Heyward said the theme of the day’s sermon would be love.

There was no mention of an editorial, published days before in an influential evangelical Christian magazine, that had called for President Donald Trump’s removal from office.

The media don’t like finding out they don’t have the pull they would like:

Now that would be a good angle to take for a follow-up report from the Post!

Washington Post: “It’s an influential publication.”

Also Washington Post: “But not as influential as we’d like in this particular instance.”

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