Gun purchases always go up when a Democratic president starts talking about bans and confiscation — it’s why President Barack Obama was unofficially named “gun salesman of the year.” And the talk about bans and confiscation usually follows a tragedy like the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas. But then there are those who have a change of heart and decide they no longer want the AR-15 they once purchased. After seeing a spate of videos in 2018 of people sawing their AR-15s in half, we’ve now seen a man smashing his AR-15 with a hammer “as instructed by his local police.” And voice actress Tara Strong had a good idea: Have President Joe Biden “try” a national AR-15 buyback and then send all the AR-15s to Ukraine.

CNN managed to find a self-proclaimed “NRA Republican” who’s seen the light after the Uvalde shooting and now questions why he ever owned an AR-15. So was this guy one of those “gun nuts” who was compensating for a small penis last week but this week is being interviewed on CNN by Poppy Harlow? He apparently “donated” his AR-15 to the police department so they can kill people with it.

Wouldn’t locking it up in your gun safe keep it from being used to kill? Or does the AR-15 also emit signals that trigger homicidal impulses and you can’t be trusted with one in your house?

The news is that this guy is an outlier who filled CNN’s narrative.