We haven’t heard much from Black Lives Matter recently, except maybe when it issued a statement saying it could never believe a police officer over a black man like Jussie Smollett. The New York Post is reporting that Black Lives Matter is again laying out millions of dollars for some real estate related to co-founder a real estate magnate Patrice Cullors.

The New York Post reports:

Black Lives Matter transferred millions to a Canadian charity run by the wife of its co-founder to purchase a sprawling mansion that had once served as the headquarters of the Communist Party, public records show.

M4BJ, a Toronto-based non-profit set up by Janaya Khan and other Canadian activists, snagged the 10,000 square foot historic property for the equivalent of $6.3 million in cash in July 2021, according to Toronto property records viewed by The Post.

Khan is the wife of Patrisse Khan-Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Global Foundation Network and a self-avowed Marxist.

It was just a month about when Black Lives Matter tweeted, “Capitalism doesn’t love Black people.”


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