Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti will never face historical obscurity as long as Twitchy is around because we’ll take any opportunity to post that picture of him with CNN’s Brian Stelter, who was talking with him about his 2020 presidential run.

Politico Magazine’s Ruby Cramer has an extensive piece out Wednesday stemming from an interview with him over “several days this fall.”

Cramer notes that Avenatti is facing two and a half years in prison after being found guilty of extortion. He’s currently under house arrest and wears an ankle monitor. She writes:

The last time he drove a race car, his most beloved and expensive habit, was 1,411 days ago. The last time he had a Grey Goose martini (up, two olives) and a New York strip at Craig’s, his preferred hangout in West Hollywood, was 709 days ago. The last time he wore his five-figure Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, before it was seized by the government, was 708 days ago. The last time he talked to his former client, Stormy Daniels, was February 2019. The last time a reporter asked him about running for president was March 24, 2019, the Sunday before his arrest. The last time he saw his parents was Thanksgiving 2019. His Twitter account, where he once held the attention of nearly 900,000 followers (now 680,000), sits frozen in September 2018: In the video that plays on loop in his last pinned tweet, he is on MSNBC, attacking the president and his party: “They want to make me the issue.”

Poor guy.

Rock bottom?

Read the whole thing if you’re interested in a tongue-bath of a convicted felon.