If you want to follow teachers, educators, and professors arguing that two plus two doesn’t always equal four, then social media is the place to be. We’ve also been assured that having students show their work in math class is white supremacy in action. Why not just have students make TikTok videos about their understanding of certain mathematical concepts?

We’ve been hearing for decades about how the very idea of having students sit in a classroom is racist, but never more so than in the past couple of years. Here’s a teacher (on TikTok, of course) with the not-so-new idea that expecting students to follow directions and sit quietly is white supremacy at work. He also takes issue with PBIS — Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports — calling it white supremacy with a hug.

No kidding — “education justice.”


Asians are really nothing more than “white adjacent,” though.

Why are so many crazy TikTok videos posted by teachers? They must know that what they’re suggesting is controversial or they wouldn’t go through the performance of recording themselves and posting it online.