CNN’s Maggie Fox reports that a “small but intensive study” by two professors at Ohio State University finds that conservatives are more likely to be targeted by fake news, and also more likely to believe it.

What’s funny is that if you click the link to CNN’s article, you’re presented with a video titled, “How right-wing media pushed Covid-19 disinformation.” Coincidentally, the study cited “does not cover the pandemic period.” That’s handy, in light of the dump of Anthony Fauci emails.

“Analyses suggest that conservatism is associated with a lesser ability to distinguish between true and false claims across a wide range of political issues and with a tendency to believe that all claims are true,” write Kelly Garrett and Robert Bond. “The study also shows that conservatives’ propensity to hold misperceptions is partly explained by the political implications of this widely shared news. Socially engaging truthful claims tended to favor the left, while engaging falsehoods disproportionately favored the right.”

Each article used in the study was carefully fact-checked, likely by the same people who aren’t yet done with their fact-check of the New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop that was suppressed on social media and regarded as Russian disinformation by former intelligence officials.

It’s kind of like when President Biden lied about Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema voting more with Republicans, and CNN’s fact-checker finding a way to make that true.

It was a small but intensive study.