We’re back to police being the bad guys. As Twitchy told you earlier, protesters exploded at Capitol Police officers who wouldn’t let them hang their “EXPEL ALL FASCISTS” banner on the fence surrounding the Capitol Building. The Daily Caller’s Richie McGinniss was also there and caught on video some more abuse hurled at the Capitol Police. Is it safe to say we’re back to normal now, with protesters getting in police officers’ faces?

There really is an amazing disconnect between the replies there and the adoration shown in the comments to this tweet:

So we all love and pray for the National Guard now?

Yep, you couldn’t find a Democrat-run city that would accept the assistance of the National Guard in getting riots under control. So now the National Guard is good, Capitol Police are bad. In that earlier post, we showed just how outnumbered they were last Wednesday. One of them died of head trauma, but these protesters don’t seem concerned about that. (Language warning, of course.)

Just a couple of days ago Chris Hayes was thinking conservatives would at least pretend to care that a cop got killed — where does he stand on this?