VICE UK is republishing a piece about “the imagery of the anti-abortion movement” by Amarens Eggeraat that originally appeared in VICE Netherlands. Eggeraat argues in her piece that “the foetus is a powerful icon that the pro-choice movement has struggled to match.” After all, if you do an image search for abortion, all you get is “morally loaded” images of “sad women, protesters holding pro-choice signs or foetuses.” Do pro-abortion advocates want more photos of aborted fetuses to show up?

Eggeraat seems troubled that the image of the fetus has really done a number on the pro-abortion movement, especially after the invention of the ultrasound:

And then, the public window into women’s private domain became political. Before ultrasound technology, anti-abortion activists often relied on religious or moral arguments against safe access to abortions. But the powerful imagery of prenatal scans helped them strengthen their cause —triggering people’s protective instincts towards what looked like a tiny unborn child.

Once again, the party of science seems to think there’s a difference between a fetus and an unborn child.

Wonder what it is that causes people to feel protective toward a tiny unborn baby … a conscience?