As Twitchy reported Saturday evening, Trump supporters gathered by the hundreds at a suburban Portland shopping mall parking lot so they could participate in a pro-Trump caravan around the city and into the downtown area. Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald called it “the next stage in evolution of a fascist country” while Amy Siskind tweeted, “I have friends who live there and they are terrified! This is authoritarianism.”

So starting fires every night for three months in Portland is “mostly peaceful,” but having a car caravan with flags is authoritarianism?

We already have one Trump supporter dead from Saturday night in Portland, and here’s a woman who can’t stop giggling as she shoots video of her comrades hurling items off an overpass at what we’re assuming is the caravan as it passed under. If not, it’s still video of people hurling eggs or something at cars flying Trump banners and American flags.

Boy, it will surely be great when Joe Biden is elected and the country can come together as one again.

We don’t know who originally uploaded the video, but we’d like to think law enforcement would be getting in touch.

It’s easy to dehumanize Republicans when people like Speaker Nancy Pelosi are calling them “domestic enemies” of the state.


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