Nothing says you’re serious about a global pandemic ravaging your state than going on Comedy Central for a late-night chat with a quarantined Trevor Noah. At least Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer didn’t slow-jam the news, but she did take a cue from San Juan’s mayor and wore a special T-shirt she had made up for the occasion.

Yes, President Trump did at one time refer to Whitmer as “that woman from Michigan,” but if that’s politically unacceptable, we’d damn well better not elect Joe Biden who confuses Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker with jazz legend Charlie Parker.

So we’re supposed to not air Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings but all should tune in to “The Daily Show” for the latest update on COVID-19 fatalities?

Maybe if she’s lucky people will write children’s books about “That Woman from Michigan” like they ran with “She Persisted.”


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