Teen climate alarmist Greta Thunberg somehow made it to Brussels without emitting any carbon so she could criticize a proposed EU law that would make it a legal requirement for the EU to be carbon neutral by 2050 — as if “legal requirement” meant anything. It’s no wonder the British pulled out of that mess.

And yes, Thunberg is still running around claiming the house is on fire and no one’s doing anything about it.

“This climate law is surrender. Nature doesn’t bargain, and you cannot make deals with physics,” the BBC reports Thunberg as telling the European Parliament’s environment committee. “You cannot make deals with physics?”

Speaking of useless laws, we haven’t heard much from the Senate Democrats’ new “Special Committee on the Climate Crisis.” They too must not believe we only have 11 years left (or is it 8 now?).

Here’s some compelling video of Thunberg and a bunch of equally useless adults walking down a hallway.

Her father told the BBC that at one point she was so depressed she didn’t eat for three months.

“Known for her impassioned speeches to politicians, Ms. Thunberg has become a figurehead for the global climate change movement,” the BBC reports … not that the media has had any part in that.