We’ve seen a whole lot of polls flying by in our Twitter feeds, and sometimes we even recognize the outfit doing the polling. As Twitchy reported, a Quinnipiac University poll released earlier this month showed 71 percent support for a mandatory “assault weapon” buyback, which we think doesn’t quite tell the whole story? Are people confused about the word “assault weapon?” Do they think it means full-automatic fire?

And second, have they thought for even a second before the pollster called what exactly is involved in a “mandatory” buyback of firearms?

Team Beto has found another poll it likes, this one from The Washington Post:

Dana Loesch already dismantled this poll pretty thoroughly, but Team Beto was so excited they started tweeting like 12-year-old girls:

So when does “politically popular” override the Second Amendment and … again … how can the government buy back something it never owned?

See, if you ask how the government is going to force millions of Americans to turn in their weapons or else, you run into a little problem. And if you suggest things might get violent, don’t assume that violence won’t be coming from the ATF breaking down your door.

P.S. This is honestly great advice, especially for someone running for president: