We’ll admit we’d thought of both Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh after the yearbook photos that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam now claims aren’t of him have led to calls for his resignation. (Rep. Sheldon Whitehouse probably still stays up every night with tweezers and a magnifying glass going through Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook — dude was obsessed.)

Yearbooks are fair game now, and we’re sorry we’re not surprised one bit that CNN contributor and <checks notes> Republican strategist Ana Navarro took the occasion of Northam’s dumpster fire of a press conference to zing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

We guess to keep in good company with the #NeverTrump crowd you’re better off trying to slam Kavanaugh than Northam.

Northam admitted to wearing blackface anyway!

Northam won’t last another week … Kavanaugh has a lifetime appointment to the bench. Suck on that, Navarro.