As Twitchy reported back in November 2015, a group of children as young as 8 organized as Our Children’s Trust filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration seeking “comprehensive, science-based legislation to return atmospheric carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million by 2100.”

That lawsuit was tied up in the courts and eventually became the Trump administration’s problem to deal with.

And just when it looked like the Supreme Court only days ago was going to let the lawsuit go forward …

… on Wednesday, a judge’s ruling ensured that the kids’ climate change lawsuit wouldn’t be going to trial anytime soon.

Sorry, kids.

Legal Insurrection reports:

The so-called Kids Climate Change Lawsuit seeks to hold the U.S. government liable for climate change and to compel remedial action. Seriously.

It’s a ludicrous lawsuit that was supposed to go to trial in late October 2018, after surviving a motion to dismiss.

So the case is on hold pending review by the 9th Circuit, and eventually, the Supreme Court.

Which means, according to the drama of the lawsuit, we may not have a planet left.