Matthew Dowd is chief political analyst at ABC News, but he’s also a “proud independent” who likes to fly the “Country Over Party” flag. That should make him an ideal journalist, seeing as he’s not bound to support either of the two major parties — funny, though, how we never catch him saying a good word about the GOP.

On Monday, Dowd outed the mainstream media and its anti-Trump agenda, though he probably wasn’t intending to.

Gee, we can’t imagine just who it is that keeps these week-long news cycles going like clockwork.

We know that CNN did its best to parlay President Trump’s “nuke button” tweet into a week-long discussion of the president’s mental fitness, and that network as well as MSNBC, SiriusXM, Vox, Politico, and The Guardian all gave a spotlight to Bandy X. Lee, the Yale psychiatry prof who wants Trump mentally evaluated by force, if necessary (and who quickly disappeared from Twitter when people began looking into the status of her license to practice).

Yes, that was Week 1 in the media. Of course, Dowd could have mentioned the talks opening up between North and South Korea.

And if Week 2 is all about asking if the president is racist, credit the media too for running with Trump’s closed-door “s**thole” comment at the expense of covering, say, those “crumbs” being given out to workers because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Maybe dedicate a week to news like this?

Week 3? Well, they tried to make that about Trump being responsible for someone in Hawaii hitting the “incoming ballistic missile” alert, but that didn’t seem to stick. We’re sure they’ll find something to tide them over while Robert Mueller gets ever closer to uncovering that collusion with Russia.

Let’s check in on what Dowd’s independent-minded followers are hoping to see:

Yep — just following the playbook.


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