As Twitchy reported, fans of Hillary Clinton are observing the one-year anniversary of her election defeat with the #ThankYouHillary hashtag (which has been hijacked by conservatives, of course).

In fact, there’s been so much attention paid to Clinton today it’s almost easy to forget that it’s a big anniversary for someone else. Donald Trump didn’t forget, though, and tweeted out his thanks to all the “deplorables” who made his victory possible.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza performed an extensive “analysis” of the photo, noting that Trump’s “not big on the whole diversity thing,” surrounding himself with four white guys and a white woman.

Cillizza also notes that Trump’s still talking about the election! Imagine that. What possible reason could Trump have for harping on his Electoral College victory a year after his election?

Nostalgia for 2016? #ThankYouHillary says hi.

The Electoral College “ignored the people.”

Point taken.

You do know they’re holding election anniversary scream-ins where people will gather to scream helplessly at the sky? That’s sad and desperate.

Did Hillary Clinton seriously tweet this?

* * *