As Twitchy reported, Glamour Magazine on Monday unveiled its 2017 Women of the Year Award winners, and included were all of the usual suspects, including the organizers of the Women’s March, TV host Samantha Bee, and “the congresswoman who could,” Rep. Maxine Waters.

Waters is being honored with Glamour’s — don’t laugh — lifetime achievement award.

OK, we know she speaks aggressively and without apology, but what has she really done? Cindi Leive, Glamour’s editor-in-chief, noted that Waters “grew up without all that much and decided that she would go back to college in her 20s, after having worked at the phone company, and then worked as a community coordinator for Head Start. She wasn’t born into politics or anything like that.”

She wasn’t born into politics, but she certainly found a way to take up residence there. But again — lifetime achievement?

We don’t see anything there that would preclude Glamour from honoring her, though.

* * *