This is rich. As Twitchy reported, CNN’s Jake Tapper was among those wondering who among the progressive Left would step up and denounce the Women’s March for glorifying convicted terrorist Assata Shakur, aka Joanne D. Chesimard, with a birthday tweet.

The Women’s March already issued a series of 20 tweets to “demonstrate the ongoing history of government & right-wing attempts to criminalize and discredit political activists,” and now it seems that Tapper is on Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour’s ever-growing enemies list.

Ouch, that wasn’t difficult. But keep in mind: sure, Sarsour tweeted in 2013 her wish that women’s rights activists Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali would be whipped and their vaginas taken away, but after she tasted fame with the Women’s March, she asked not to be judged on old tweets taken out of context … so stop bringing it up, OK?

That just leaves us with the tweet praising a convicted cop-killer on which to judge her, plus all that talk at the march about blowing up the White House. No wonder an alt-right journalist like Tapper was so triggered.

* * *