When Joe Biden gave his press conference in Delaware today he pulled the Ron Burgundy by reading the speech directions off of the teleprompter. Yes, again. Well you know his cheerleaders in the press would do what they could to avoid detailing this happened.

One of Joe’s biggest boosters is Jennifer Rubin, and she seemed to almost give up, not unlike the sign language translator to Joe’s speeches. Today all she could really say about the Biden press was a pithy message.

Not much in the way of content. But this is Jenn we are talking about; she generates the responses all on her own with minimal effort. Speculation on Joe’s anger was forthcoming.


There were plenty of Biden’s followers who were caught up in the Joe-mentum, praising him for all of the ”tough talk” he delivered concerning the treatment of our military by President Trump. The fact that it was all fabricated on a garbage story with no real sources, set up as some type of September Surprise makes it all the more ridiculous.

”Intelligently”. Yeeeeesh.



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