Boy, the HuffPost has really been on a roll lately. Last week, after the attempt on GOP Rep. Steve Scalise’s life, writer Jesse Benn expressed frustration that violent resistance isn’t “organized” enough and capped it off with a heartfelt “F*ck Steve Scalise.” It wasn’t too hard to dig up his post from a little over a year ago advocating violent protest.

And now today, in light of the awful news that American student Otto Warmbier has died following 17 months of brutal captivity in North Korea, the HuffPost is once again looking callous and twisted:

It was repugnant then … and it’s even more repugnant now.

It’s truly heinous. But HuffPost is in good company:

And don’t forget Salon:

Yeah … Warmbier really deserved this:

Shame on them all.

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‘Heartbreaking’: Otto Warmbier has died following release from North Korean prison