Mick Foley made quite a name for himself as a WWE wrestler. Since then, he’s also broken into writing, acting, comedy, and … exposer of white supremacists?

We’re not exactly sure about that last one, but for what it’s worth, Mick seems quite confident in his skills.

Earlier this week, he tweeted out this powerful message to his Twitter followers:

So stunning. So brave. So … weird.

Congratulations to Foley on finally taking a stand on the white supremacy issue, we guess?

Narrator: It did not help fight racism. It did, however, make Mick Foley look rather silly.

It actually seems to us that this was kind of an own goal for Foley. A self-suplex, if you will.

Because it kinda sounds like up until the other day, Foley was cool with the idea of having a lot of white supremacist followers? This is all just pretty weird, to be honest.

We’re really not sure exactly what Foley was trying to do here. Suddenly asking all your white supremacist fans to go away is probably supposed to seem like a profound gesture that makes Foley look good, but he seems to have missed the mark.

We’re not actually suggesting that Mick Foley is a white supremacist, because that would be dumb. But we can’t help but be struck by the fact that, based on his tweet, at least, it sounds like he’s been assuming that he has a decent number of white supremacist followers. Which doesn’t really do him any favors.