In your busy day, we hope you can spare a moment to send your thoughts and prayers Disney’s way. They’re going through a very difficult time right now.

Thank God Vox is here to shine a spotlight on it:

O, woe is Disney! They just want to be left alone and never wanted to be a part of any political debate! And now, alas, they’re smack-dab in the middle of a bona fide culture war!

More from Vox:

Conflict means taking sides. Conflict means making enemies. Conflict means personally defining what’s right and what’s wrong. None of those things are appealing to a company that’s ridden high-gloss inoffensiveness to become the richest and most powerful entertainment company in the world.

Yet, despite its immense financial power and commitment to deflecting confrontation, Disney has found itself stuck in a rather complicated one.

“Found itself stuck.” They have no idea how it happened! They just got stuck one day!


Disney’s business plan operates on accommodating everyone and minimizing excluding anyone. From its movies to its theme parks to its hotels and vacation packages, Disney has created an image that Disney is for everyone. The company’s political fight with DeSantis — a fight that DeSantis is more than happy to have spilled onto the national stage — could very well shatter that portrait one way or another, and perhaps create a more realistic picture of who the company is ready to stand with and who it may disappoint.

At first, Disney said nothing and was criticized for its lack of action, as well as for previously donating money to Republican politicians who directly sponsored the bill. Then, CEO Chapek went back and forth with the messaging that the company stood with its LGBTQ employees despite an open letter from LGBTQ Pixar staff and their allies alleging that Disney had actively scrubbed queer representation from their movies. The saga officially ended with the company releasing a statement that it hoped to see the bill overturned and would support that outcome.

Conservatives didn’t hold a proverbial gun to Disney’s head to get involved in the “Don’t Say Gay” debate, but radical leftist LGBTQ activists did, and Disney gave them what they wanted. The idea that Disney is the victim here is ludicrous. They made a choice, and now they’re paying for that choice.

And Vox wants us to feel bad for them. Please. Vox was right there with the other lefty bullies trying to shame Disney into taking a position!

Seriously. Disney could very easily have told media and activists to take a hike and continued on their merry way, staying out of political issues. But they chose instead to give into pressure and take a position that — surprising no one — has blown up in their face.

Sorry, but we’re not sorry for Disney. The only pity we have for them comes from the fact that they were stupid enough to think it was a good idea to take advice from the likes of Vox.

And as for Vox, well, they can go do some things to themselves.


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