Betty White has passed away at 99, so 2021 clearly isn’t going to go out quietly.

You know who else isn’t going to away quietly? Hillary Clinton. Her.

2022 hasn’t even started yet and she’s already getting a jump on making it super-lame:

We certainly hope that 2022 will be full of happiness, health, and fabulousness. And if it is, it will be despite Hillary Clinton. And that bizarre dated photo of herself. What on earth is that about?

Does … does she know what “looking ahead” means? Because we’re not sure she does.

Too old to be using in a tweet about looking ahead, that’s for damn sure.

2006? Hmmm. We dunno … that seems pretty generous, Smug.

Could be 1992 … that’s probably a closer guess.

Maybe we should all do that!

It’s true.

Where’s Doc Brown and the DeLorean when you need ’em?

Seriously, why didn’t she go back even further in time? She still has older pictures than that one. Much older pictures.

Like this gem, for example:

And then of course there’s this golden oldie. The legend. The mother of them all:

She was so optimistic back then … looking ahead to a future in which she didn’t inspire resentment and nausea. A future she was destined to never have because she was in actuality looking forward to a future in which she would debase and humiliate herself very publicly and very often.

But really, why did Hillary Clinton choose the photo she chose to be “looking ahead to 2022”? Does she think that if she tweets out an older photo, we won’t be able to see the toll that the decades of terrible things she’s done has inflicted upon her countenance. Is this some kind of weird, warped “Picture of Dorian Gray” type of thing? She knows that was just a story, right?

You know, it kinda is! And, well, that raises a pretty important question:


(Admit it: you laughed.)



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