Remember Stephanie Cutter? It’s been quite a while since we last checked in on her.

Given what the former Obama adviser and re-election campaign deputy director has to say today, we’re guessing we’ve missed out on some impressive white-hot takes:

Is there a “party of parents”? Or do parents just vote for whichever party they believe will work in the best interests of them and their children? Because in Virginia, a hotbed of education issues, parents seem to have preferred the Republican Party to the Democratic Party.

Cutter and the rest of the Democratic Party would love nothing more than to have a monopoly on concerned parents, but that’s not what’s happening. If Democrats’ want to be the “party of parents,” they need to start listening to parents. Calling them racist domestic terrorists hasn’t really done the trick.

It’s not enough of a wake-up call that the Democrats lost big yesterday; they’ve got to lose even bigger.

And even then, don’t count on them to have learned a damn thing.