Last month, “Daily Show” producer Matt Negrin put together a comprehensive Twitter case explaining that MSNBC and NBC News’ Chuck Todd is ackshually a right-wing propagandist doing the bidding of “a Republican-led media outlet.”

Well, Matt’s a smart dude, and he’s got room for more than one enemy on his enemies list. That’s where GOP Rep. Steve Scalise comes in:

According to Matt Negrin, Scalise’s personal beliefs about the 2020 election make him a domestic terrorist.

Was the 2020 election stolen? No.

Are there Democratic politicians who claimed the 2016 election was stolen and never recanted their claims? Yes. Did the mainstream media peddle the narrative that the 2016 election was stolen? Yes. Are there still ostensibly respectable outlets and journalists who peddle that narrative to this day? Yes.

That doesn’t make them domestic terrorists. But calling Steve Scalise a domestic terrorist does make Matt Negrin a garbage person.