NBC News senior reporter Brandy Zadrozny is ostensibly a serious journalist, but in practice, she’s just another shameless hack.

Instead of actual reporting, Zadrozny’s beat of late has been wildly exaggerating the threat posed by white supremacists while minimizing the very real threat posed by Critical Race Theory. In her mind, any woke cause she agrees with is just a conservative “boogeyman.”

That’s why it’s just so fantastically on-brand for her to help push out a New York Times essay likening the backlash against Critical Race Theory to totalitarian crackdowns on history education.

Brandy’s feeling sassy, you guys:

See what she did there?

Nice little swipe at Ben Shapiro on top of the general condescension toward concerned parents.

She’s such a professional.

None, actually. Despite what Critical Race Theory proponents claim, these laws do not prohibit the teaching of history, including the history of slavery and racism in America. The 1619 Project is built on a lie, as even Nikole Hannah-Jones was forced to admit.

Critical Race Theory is militantly anti-fact.

And “journalists” like Brandy Zadrozny are problems in their own right.