Earlier today, PBS’ star journalist Yamiche Alcindor (as well as the print pool) reported that Joe Biden “nodded affirmatively” when asked if he trusts Vladimir Putin:

Shortly thereafter, White House comms director Kate Bedingfield offered up this clarification, if you can even really call it that:

And shortly after that, Alcindor reported Bedingfield’s comments to her Twitter followers, with a clarification of her own:

Oh, is that so?

OK, Yamiche. Whatever you say.

Couldn’t bother to add one of your trademark “notes” until Kate Bedingfield cleared things up for you, huh, Yamiche?

Amazing how that works.

It’s almost beautiful, in a way. Because it’s just so gloriously predictable.

Relying on PBS and Yamiche Alcindor for factual reporting? That’s your first mistake right there.