OK, everybody. Stop what you’re doing and brace for a game changer. Because this Washington Post opinion piece is nothing if not game-changing:

Watergate special prosecutors have weighed in? Oh, well. In that case …

But … but … just read their conclusion:

The Constitution provides for the elected representatives of the people to resort to impeachment in extraordinary circumstances showing that this drastic remedy is necessary to restrain, and possibly remove, a president who has engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors. Proper regard for reestablishing and protecting the rule of law requires firm and resolute action by the House. Lawmakers should not allow any refusal by the president to cooperate in its process to frustrate the performance of its constitutional duties.

If a bill of impeachment comes before the Senate, we urge all members of the Senate to put aside partisan loyalties and carry out their own constitutional duties courageously and honestly. In 1974, it was a group of Republican senators who put national interest over party loyalty and informed Nixon that his conduct was indefensible and would compel conviction by the Senate and removal from office. We hope the current Senate would similarly put honor and integrity above partisanship and personal political interest.

And these folks know what they’re talking about. Because, you know, they were Watergate special prosecutors. And what’s happening with Donald Trump is exactly like Watergate. Don’t ask questions, just go with it.

We’re sure the Senate has been waiting with bated breath for these people to weigh in, and now, Senate Republicans will no doubt vote to convict and remove Donald Trump. It has to happen. It just has to!