As Twitchy told you last night, the New York Times dropped a yuge bombshell about ten years’ worth of Donald Trump’s tax return figures. Sorry, did we say “bombshell”? We meant dud. Apparently the New York Times was under the impression that we were literally born yesterday and had no idea that Donald Trump is actually a pretty craptacular businessman and has been for decades.

Well anyway, that New York Times scoop has really given CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski some things to think about with regard to the media’s relationship with Donald Trump. And he decided to share his thoughts with all of us.

Well, if Kaczynski’s CNN colleagues think we need to read it, then by all means. Let’s:

So basically, the media’s been propping Trump up for years by indulging his dishonesty. Wow! Andrew’s as adept at reporting brand-new information as the New York Times!

They’re so proud of themselves. And you know what? They should be. Because nobody covered themselves in glory over Trump quite like CNN.

Is there anyone at CNN with even an iota of self-awareness?