Man, Howard Schultz has been on a roll lately. And we’re really enjoying it:

Stop making sense, Howard!

Please. Dems like Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have most definitely been portraying “Medicare for All” as free health care. Many liberals not only expect to get their medical care for free; they outright demand it.

Let’s face it: Howard Schultz is hardly what you’d call a conservative torchbearer. He’s a social liberal who endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. But there’s something so refreshing about a prominent liberal who’s not afraid to call liberal economic policies what they are: hot garbage.

Howard Schultz may not stand much of a chance of winning the nomination, but he has the potential to make things difficult for the Democrats. He knows it, too. And he knows what the Democrats are up against if they keep moving left:

He’s right. No wonder liberals are pissed.