Ronan Farrow has been doing some fantastic work exposing the monster that is Harvey Weinstein (as well as Weinstein’s many enablers). As Twitchy told you earlier, Farrow revealed that powerhouse Democratic lawyer David Boies signed contracts with investigators hired to dig up dirt on and slime Harvey Weinstein’s accusers. And not only that, but Boies also worked to kill a New York Times story about Weinstein while he was repping the paper.

In short, David Boies is a colossal dirtbag, but without Farrow’s investigative reporting, we might never have known to just what extreme. Count comedian Norm Macdonald among the many impressed with Farrow’s work — and decidedly less impressed with how some others have handled the bombshells:

Macdonald is right: All those preening, self-important late-night hosts (Jimmy Kimmel, aka “America’s Moral Conscience,” anyone?) who suddenly went silent when Weinstein was exposed have got nothing on Farrow, who actually put his career on the line to uncover the truth, no matter how ugly it was. Good on Farrow — and good on Macdonald for calling those poseurs out.

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