My family just returned from a whirlwind trip home to see our extended family in Wyoming.

If you’re from Wyoming you get the ‘pun’ in my calling the trip a whirlwind … for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Equality State, it is WINDY. Sustained winds of 25 mph are merely ‘breezy’ there … I’m talking knock a tractor-trailer off the road windy. I’m talking birds look like they’re just floating in one place because they can’t fly into the wind WINDY.

It. Is. Windy.

And the fact Liz Cheney has actually been in Wyoming a few days here and there lately, with all her blustering and trying to pretend she hasn’t completely ignored her constituents and deserves to continue (not) representing them in D.C., is making it even windier. Blowhard? Yes?

Hey man, they can’t all be winners.

Let’s be real honest here, Liz isn’t looking like much of a winner herself.

Every year we go back to Wyoming to see family and usually, we go around Cheyenne Frontier Days because there is a lot more to do during the ‘Daddy of ‘Em All’ aka the world’s largest outdoor rodeo. But THIS year we went a little later so I could be there closer to their primary on August 16. I wanted to see for myself what things are like on the ground and to try and gauge if Liz is as unpopular as I think she is. As we’re often told ON Twitter, ‘Twitter isn’t real life,’ so I decided it was time for some real-life in Wyoming.

Plus some chicken fried steak from The Albany in Cheyenne, Wyo., BUT I digress.

My first stop was the last parade on the last Saturday of CFD – there are 4 parades during CFD, first Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, and last Saturday. The parade (which is basically the same every time) is awesome so this didn’t exactly feel like work. Now, Wyoming’s elected officials USUALLY ride horses in the parades, especially during an election year, and we saw the mayor and a few others, but no Liz. One woman near me in a pretty rad cowboy hat said, ‘Liz isn’t brave enough to even show her face …’

I assumed this was not a great comment although I didn’t ask her to clarify.

It was shortly after this that Liz tweeted out the infamous picture of Kevin Costner in a, ‘I’m For Liz Cheney’ t-shirt. Now, I don’t exactly know what the Hell she was thinking posting this picture considering Costner lives in Colorado, endorsed Pete Buttigieg, and ultimately voted for Biden but for some reason, she thought this was somehow smart for her campaign. To be fair, she has admitted she is trying to con Democrats into changing their party for one day (which is legal in Wyoming) and voting for her in the upcoming Republican Primary so maybe that was her end goal here? Either way, it flopped. The Wyomingites I ended up having dinner with felt like this picture only proved how out-of-touch she is with the people she supposedly represents.

Others told me they resented her pretending they were all just a bunch of dummies who are infatuated with Trump. One local businessman said his issue is with Liz and how she looks down on the people who elected her, not that she’s disloyal to Trump. The media sure want to paint my friends and family in Wyoming as Trump-obsessed, redneck losers who don’t know how lucky they are to have such a strong woman who is willing to put country over party representing them blah blah blah. But the reality is many Wyomingites feel that she is putting herself over THEIR STATE. That this has become the Liz show instead of the represent Wyoming show.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, Trump was and is still very popular in the super red state that he won with like 70% of the vote in 2020, but pretending Wyomingites would be cool with Liz if it wasn’t for Trump is disingenuous, insulting, and only making them more determined to fire her in 11 days.

Through my ‘travels’ there, I probably spoke with around 300 people and of those 300 people, not one of them had anything good to say about Liz. Even the people who aren’t thrilled with Harriet Hageman or Trump disliked Liz more and said they would ‘hold their nose’ and vote to fire her. I also only saw signs for Liz in yards filled with signs for Democrats, one in particular who worked to keep kids masked up in classrooms during the government lockdowns. Ironically, Liz’s signs say, ‘True Grit,’ and all I could think every time I saw one was, ‘True Grift’.

Finally, yesterday, right as we were getting ready to fly home to VA (flying is horrific, see Pete Buttigieg and his failures with air travel), Liz posted a video of her aging, unpopular, dad who looks like an animatronic gone wrong. Watching the Left, who have spent decades calling the guy a war criminal, act like this was a smart move on Liz’s part has been something else. As you can imagine, Wyoming was less than impressed with this stunt.

In general, Wyoming seems less than impressed with Liz in general. Sure, the media want everyone to think Liz is out fundraising Hageman and when it comes to money from out of state she is. In state, Harriet is out-fundraising her three-to-one and gosh, I’m not an expert but it would seem money coming from in-state means a lot more than money from out of state.

Do I think she will lose? Yes. Do I think she deserves to lose? Yes yes. Do I put nothing past the machine to do any and everything it can to keep Liz in her seat? Yes yes yes.

If we are looking at a legit election without any ‘fortification’, Liz is in trouble.

But hey, at least Kevin Costner wore a t-shirt with her name on it and stuff.