Oh good. Brit Hume is doing what he can to keep some attention focused on what the Deep State tried to pull on the Trump campaign. It’s hard to do when the media is screeching about Trump trying to kill children by encouraging schools to open in the fall.

Brit shared something pretty powerful.

Much to the Democrats’ chagrin (check it out, we’re using fancy words and stuff!):

From Real Clear Investigations:

Perhaps even more perplexing is that the FBI interviewers, knowing that Source E  was just an anonymous caller, didn’t compare that admission to the fantastical Steele bluster and declare the dossier a fabrication on the spot.

But perhaps it might be argued that Christopher Steele was bringing crack investigative skills of his own to bear. For something as rich in detail and powerful in effect as the dossier, Steele must have been researching these questions himself as well, using his hard-earned spy savvy to pry closely held secrets away from the Russians. Or at the very least he must have relied on a team of intelligence operatives who could have gone far beyond the obvious limitations the Primary Subsource and his group of drinking buddies.

But no. As we learned in December from Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Steele “was not the originating source of any of the factual information in his reporting.” Steele, the IG reported “relied on a primary sub-source (Primary Sub-source) for information, and this Primary Sub-source used a network of [further] sub-sources to gather the information that was relayed to Steele.” The inspector general’s report noted that “neither Steele nor the Primary Sub-source had direct access to the information being reported.”

What a tangled web they wove … yadda yadda yadda.

Comey knew it was a bunch of crap and yet the FBI relied upon it. Classy.

That works.

Ding ding ding.

Even though he knew it was, as Brit said, ‘utter garbage.’



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