You’d think by NOW Lefties would have figured out playing the race card in this country is a waste of time because time and time again, Americans have proven they will vote for people of all colors as long as they agree with their ideas. Sure, there will always be fringe groups that the media loves to focus on since they make for the best clicks and taps, but at the end of the day, most people aren’t worried about the color (or the sex) of their candidate.

Which made this WaPo piece by Vanessa Williams seem pretty silly. We get it, she wants to keep pushing the idea that Stacey Abrams lost in Georgia because of her sex or color but it’s just not true. And thankfully, young political activist CJ Pearson put a stop to the BS with one simple tweet:


That’s what’s up.

You’d think.

We keep trying to tell them. *shrug*

Democrats care more about the black vote than they do about black Americans.

What she said.


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