Seems Keurig WANTS a successful Q4 after all. This is part of a memo that Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort sent to company employees regarding the Hannity SNAFU over the weekend.

‘Clearly, this is an unacceptable situation’ … LOL.

Gosh Bob, ya’ think?

And now he’s pissed everybody off; Hannity supporters aren’t going to buy this, and the Left will only be disappointed because they gave in to hate or whatever.

There is NO winning when a company engages and decides to play politics.

Just don’t do it.

There is no pleasing these people, Keurig.

Except when Hannity did not stand up for a child molester, this has been debunked several times by various news outlets.

The brand already looks bad – people dumping their Keurigs over balconies and destroying them with baseball bats AIN’T a good look.

Geez, right?



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