Pretty sure the Democrats can all drink a big ol’ glass of STFU juice when it comes to this latest round of allegations against GOP candidate, Roy Moore. Whether or not you believe Moore is guilty, the amount of hypocrisy on the Left is awe-inspiring, and not in a good way.

Oh yeah? When do the Democrats choose? Maybe Mark has had his head buried in the sand for the last six weeks or so, but there are some HUGE accusations coming out of Hollywood about predators and pedophiles …

Not to mention Anthony Weiner who just went to jail for texting with a minor.


Outrage? Psh. The only outrage Mark has is politically convenient, otherwise, he seems to ignore it.

Forgot that one.

Sheesh, at this point it’s hard to keep track of them all on the Left.

Oh, and if Hulk is going to call the GOP pedophiles, he probably should at least learn how to spell the word, yes?

*eye roll*


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