Good to see Chelsea Handler being so active in her new self-proclaimed role of ‘political activist’ with this winner:


While there are several things wrong with Handler’s tweet, there is one GLARING (hilarious) error …

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is a man.

Hopefully, she realizes it by now.

Maybe she’s not quite as woke as she thought she was?

We love Lindsey’s hair.


Now now, if ‘she’ wore a little eyeshadow, maybe some lip gloss …

Not embarrassed enough.

She should know better, right?

Chelsea probably saw a headline from one of her Hollywood buddies and ran with it; these folks aren’t exactly known for reading past the headline.

Good point.

Would have taken just ONE Google search. Just. One.

She’s super political y’all!


It’s all a conspiracy to make us work early on a Sunday! We’re onto you, Chelsea!



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