That moment when you think 2017 can’t get any dumber and it magically somehow does …

You know what’s absurd and repugnant, John? This tweet.

Not funny ha ha but funny pathetic.

Still can’t figure out what these folks think removing these memorials and monuments solves. What will they want destroyed next? History is not always kind and freedom is not always nice.

There’s a reason we defend things we disagree with in this country.


Sadly in his little mind he thinks it does.

No. It wasn’t. And he wasn’t an American, he was a monster and a terrorist.

Yeah, we get it, Legend is looking for shock value – suppose this twee is shockingly stupid and disrespectful.

It will never be enough for the progressive Left who wishes to remove their own history … after all, Confederates were Democrats.

Maybe that’s the real reason they want them removed, they can’t bear to look at their own history.